6 Simple Tips For Keeping Your House Clean

6 Simple Tips For Keeping Your House Clean

Cleaning your home can seem like a never-ending process, and missing just one day of house cleaning can turn into a disaster quickly. To keep a cleaner home, many homeowners put themselves on a schedule to ensure that their daily cleaning and maintenance is complete and stays in routine. Not only is a cleaning maintenance schedule great for keeping you organized and your home clean, but it can give a visual for you to check off each day. While having this daily checklist is an excellent way to a clean house, there are other tips to consider to ensure your home is always clean and company ready.

1. Take Your Shoes Off At The Door

You don’t have to keep your shoes by the door when you get home each time, but taking your shoes off at the door can prevent a lot of dirt from being tracked into your home. Many people tend to take their shoes off if they’ve been in a filthy area of it’s been raining, but even on a sunny day, a lot of dirt can be brought to your home on the bottoms of your shoes. Everywhere you went during the day is being brought home on your shoes’ bottoms, which can seem dirty when you think about it. Loose dirt can be tracked around just by walking and get pressed deep into carpets where you may not even notice until you vacuum.

2. Clear It Off

Many of us are guilty, especially after a long day of work, to toss our belonging on the closest piece of furniture or only our kitchen counters. After a few days of this, things like jackets, magazines, mail, keys, and more can start piling up to create clutter. As tired as you may be, it is always best to clear off these spaces and keep them clean to keep your home looking great. You can make many small purchases to help keep your home organized and clean without cluttering these spaces. A key dish or hook by the door is a great way to keep areas clear while giving you somewhere to keep your belongings. Mail organizers can be an excellent investment to keep your mail organized and prevent it from cluttering up your counters. Small steps like this can turn into significant results in the organization and cleanliness of your home.

3. Do The Laundry

Laundry is one of the fastest accumulating house chores known to man! Even as a single resident, going one day without doing laundry can make laundry pile up quickly. You have your nightclothes, gym clothes, work clothes, and lounging clothes all in one day! Now, if you have a family, that amount can triple, if not more! A great tip is to find a basket that, once full, can fit the entire load in the washer. The best thing to do is small loads daily, but if you lack time, this basket is a great way to see when it’s time for laundry so you can do one larger load and have it all done at once. Whether you choose small daily loads or a sizeable weekly load, letting your laundry pile up is one way to ensure that your home won’t have that immaculate feeling.

4. Do the Dusting

One of the worst chores among everyone seems to be dusting. Dust can accumulate so quickly that while you may have just dusted, you find yourself doing it again within a week or so! Dusting in the right environment can be done twice a month to keep your home looking clean, but to get to this maintenance level, there are things to consider. The tools and products you use for dusting directly impact how often you need to dust. If you’re using a simple cloth with no product, you may find yourself dusting more often because there is no type of product that offers nourishing or protection to keep dust from accumulating. Some homeowners dust with paper towels, but a microfiber cloth is the best way to go so that you won’t be replacing dust with residue. One of the best ways to keep dust at bay is making sure you change your air filters regularly. It can be the easiest maintenance to forget since you only change them once a month, but if you begin seeing an increase in dust accumulation, it’s a sure sign that it’s time to change them out.

5. Vacuum Daily

Vacuuming is an essential part of keeping your home clean. Even in a spotless house, a few crumbs left around the floor or some pet hair can draw away from all the hard work you’ve done. Dirt can get trapped and pushed deep into the carpet, which is why it is crucial to keep a regularly vacuumed floor so this dirt doesn’t end up all-around your home.

6. Have Carpet Professionally Cleaned Twice a Yea

It’s a great idea to keep a small shampooer for small spills between cleanings to prevent staining and a more extensive dirt accumulation. Still, nothing beats having your carpets professionally cleaned. A professional cleaning can get rid of deep-down dirt you may not be aware of and stain removal that you thought you already cleaned up. Not only can this cleaning give the look of cleanliness, but there will be a much fresher smell to your home as well. All the dirt being tracked in your home mixed with pet hair and odor can give a scent that you may be blind to. A professional clean get your carpets looking as good as new while creating a fresher smell to your home by eliminating these tough odors.