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Revitalize Your Carpet With Us!

No matter if you have carpet in your house, office, or commercial business, we can help. Carpets can get dirty quicker than any other flooring option and can even cause health problems for you, your family, or your employees. However, this doesn’t mean that you need to replace it with something else! Our trained professionals are here to help get your carpet cleaner than ever!
We offer our professional cleaning services not only for carpeting but also for many other areas around your home or business! We can provide upholstery, tile and grout, air duct cleaning, and more! We are the cleaning industry leader in Reno, Nevada, and use the most cutting-edge equipment and techniques to remove allergens, unpleasant odors, and leave your surfaces sparkling clean!
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    Serving the People of Reno, Nevada

    We’ve been serving the residents of Reno with our high-quality cleaning services for years!

    Otherwise known as “The Biggest Little City in the World,” Reno, Nevada, is known for its casino and tourism industry. This beautiful city also has several museums, including The Nevada Museum of Art, which is the only American Alliance of Museums accredited art museum in Nevada, and The National Automobile Museum. We’re proud to be providing the community of Reno with our professional cleaning services.

    Below, you can see the various services that we offer:

    Services That We Offer in Reno

    We offer much more than just carpet cleaning!

    We differ from a lot of the other carpet cleaners in the Reno area in that we offer much more than just carpet cleaning. We are a full-service cleaning company that is here to help you get your entire space in top shape and smelling fresher than ever!

    You can learn more about the services we offer below:

    Stone Cleaning

    Our company offers the best solution to natural stone cleaning, tile, countertops, glass, and other hard surfaces. We can safely get your surfaces clean and bacteria-free without leaving a film or residue on your stone. Other, traditional cleaning methods use soap and cleaners that create a film that will attract dirt and even discolor your stone. When you choose us, you’ll never worry about dirty or unsanitary stone surfaces again!

    Upholstery Cleaning

    If you’re dealing with unsightly stains or odors on your couch, chairs, or curtains, we have the solution for you! Our upholstery cleaning service will restore your fabric and furniture while leaving it odor-free. Not to mention, you won’t have to worry about sticky material or lingering residue. We’re not here to mask odor either, we eliminate any odors in your upholstery from the source!

    Air Duct Cleaning

    Air Duct Cleaning

    Dirty air ducts in your home or business can result in poor air quality and increased allergens. Our powerful air duct cleaning service can get your air ducts clean and your family or employees breathing better. Our cleaning technique is designed to eliminate germs, bacteria, and viruses while removing any large debris that may be lingering in your air ducts. You’ll notice an immediate difference in the air quality of your space before we even leave!

    Pet Odor Treatments

    Many other cleaning companies clean pet stains by merely treating the surface stain and hiding the odor temporarily. Our skilled cleaners specialize in completely removing pet stains and the corresponding smell. We never hide or mask odors from pets, our cleaning techniques permanently remove that stain and odor to ensure that your home is immaculate.

    Commercial Carpet Cleaning

    The carpet in your commercial business sees much more substantial foot traffic than any residential carpet. We understand that when you’re running your business, it can be challenging to maintain and clean your carpet. Our expert carpet cleaners have all of the skills and knowledge to get your commercial carpet clean quickly and efficiently!

    Tile and Grout Cleaning

    It’s no secret that cleaning tile and grout yourself can be tedious and challenging to complete. Bacteria and germs can hide in your grout lines, which makes them easy to miss when cleaning. Our superior cleaning technology and techniques allow us to get your tile and grout cleaner and more sanitary. You’ll not have to worry about bacteria hiding in your tile when you choose us.

    Area Rug Cleaning

    So many people tend to simply throw their area rugs out when they get dirty or stained. However, many of our area rugs are flooded with history and passed down through generations. Let us help preserve your piece of history with our area rug cleaning service. We will leave your rug looking as clean and fresh as the day it was made! Don’t give up on your area rugs, call us to help!

    Office Furniture Cleaning

    You and your employees spend the majority of your time on your office furniture. Whether you’re working or taking a break, your office furniture is getting dirty. This can lead to lingering odors, increased allergens, and unhappy employees. We offer professional office furniture cleaning services to get your office smelling better and looking better for you and your employees.


    Carpet Protectors

    We can keep your carpet and rugs looking cleaner and newer, longer with our carpet protector. Our carpet protectors repel spills, resists soiling, and prevents staining by forcing liquids to the surface. If your home or business is subject to conditions in which soiling, spills, or heavy traffic will be commonplace, we recommend our carpet protector for our space.
    • Keep your carpet cleaner, longer!
    • Never settle for less than the best in carpet cleaning!
    • We offer cleaning services for both residential and commercial clients in the Reno, Nevada area!
    • Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

    Why Choose Us?

    When you choose us to handle your professional cleaning needs, you’re choosing a company that places your satisfaction at the top of our list. We are dedicated to removing dirt, stains, and odors from your home or business permanently. We’re not in the business of hiding or masking stains or odors. We can handle all of your cleaning needs, from carpet to stone to tile to air ducts and more!
    Not only do we strive to get your surfaces looking beautiful, but we also set out to make your home or business a safer, healthier place! Our skilled cleaning technicians have been thoroughly vetted to ensure that you’re receiving the highest quality cleaning services in the industry. All of our professionals have the experience and training necessary to get your space clean. If you’re living in Reno, Nevada, and need your home or business professionally cleaned, we’re the people to call!
    • Low-cost Carpet Cleaning Services in Reno, Nevada, and the Surrounding Areas.
    • If you want your home or business cleaner than ever, give us a call today to learn more about how we can help!

    Tips for Keeping Your Carpet Clean

    Keep your carpet cleaner, longer.

    Regardless of if your space has heavy traffic or light traffic, or is residential or commercial, your carpet can always get dirty again. However, there are ways to postpone this. Below, you can see some of the tips that we have for keeping your freshly cleaned carpet looking clean for months!

    Regular Vacuuming
    A significant part of keeping your carpet fresh is regular vacuuming. By vacuuming at least three times a week, you’ll see a noticeable difference in the cleanliness of your carpet as dirt and debris will not sit long enough to be ground into the carpet fibers. Vacuum slower if your space sees frequent foot traffic to adequately remove debris.
    Deep Clean
    Deep Clean Twice Annually
    No matter how hard we try, our carpets will not stay clean forever. Dirt and grime will always find a way into your home or business. We recommend using our professional deep cleaning services at least twice a year to keep your floors clean and make your carpet last as long as possible.
    Take Off Your Shoes
    If you wear your shoes around the house, you can track in dirt, grime, and other debris. This can even wear your carpet down faster. Urge your family and visitors to take their shoes off before they come into the house.
    Use a Carpet Protector
    If you use our carpet protector system, your carpet will be protected from staining, and, if a stain does occur, it will be easier to remove. This ensures that it looks cleaner for much longer.

    Reasons that you should have your

    Carpet Professionally Cleaned

    We understand that having carpets that look beautiful and clean is essential. However, we believe that there’s more to it than that. Our deep cleaning equipment and techniques will also improve your home or business’ quality of life in several ways. Below, you can learn how this is achieved with the benefits of professional carpet cleaning:

    Enhanced Airflow
    It may surprise some that having your carpet cleaned can enhance the airflow around your home or business. Dirt and debris can clog your carpet, hindering airflow to essential areas like around your walls. This can make these areas feel stuffy or even hotter than the rest of your space.
    Increased Air Quality
    An unclean carpet can be a harbor for allergens, bacteria, germs, and viruses. This can create an unhealthy environment for your family or employees by causing breathing problems, increased allergies, and frequent colds or sickness. By cleaning your carpet, the air quality will be instantly better, reducing these problems.
    Improved Comfort
    Dirty carpets can be a nightmare to walk on with hard, sticky patches throughout. Not to mention, playing on the floor with the kids is simply not on the table. When we professionally clean your carpet, you’ll be able to walk freely and be on the floor as much as you want!


    We understand that you have questions about the cleaning services that we provide. Below, we have listed some of the most common questions that we get from our customers. If you have more questions, feel free to give us a call, and we’d be happy to answer them!

    Why should I hire a professional instead of doing it myself?

    The home carpet cleaning machines that you can rent or buy don’t have the same cleaning power that our technology does. These machines are not capable of removing all of the dirt and debris that embeds into the carpet. When you use a home carpet cleaning machine, your carpet will dry slower and, in most cases, have a sticky residue over the surface. Our cleaning methods remove all debris from your carpets while leaving zero residues on your floors.

    Will a protector be applied after the carpet cleaning?

    We do offer carpet and upholstery protectors. However, they are an additional service that doesn’t come with a basic carpet cleaning. Your carpet usually has a protector applied to it during manufacturing. Though, this protector will wear down over the years. If you choose to have the carpet protector applied, it will increase your floor’s ability to resist staining and soiling.

    Can you remove residue leftover from DIY cleaning?

    Damaging soaps and detergent left by DIY cleaning machines or improper cleaning techniques can create a sticky residue across your entire carpet. Our cleaning techniques can neutralize and remove this residue from your carpet. By pre-treating the floor, we will start to break down the residue and rinse it thoroughly to flush it out. If the carpet is coated heavily in residue, it may take more than one cleaning to remove all of it.