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Area rugs have been used for centuries to add warmth to a home and improve comfort on hard flooring. With proper care, your treasured area rug can last a lifetime and even become a family heirloom that you pass on to your children. As one of the leading rug cleaning companies in the Carson City and Reno area, we offer professional rug cleaning for all types of area rugs, including hand-woven rugs, machine-made rugs, Oriental rugs, synthetic fiber rugs, and natural fiber rugs.
When it comes to cleaning rugs, you want a company that knows what it’s doing. Don’t trust your area rug to just anyone. We don’t believe in using the same cleaning approach with every rug. We will base our cleaning process on the type of material, pile height, type of stain, and more for a job done right the first time.


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Area rugs can be made from many different materials, including natural and man-made materials. We believe it’s important to use the appropriate cleaning method for your rug to avoid damage, permanent stains, and dye bleeding.

Oriental Rug Cleaning

Oriental Rug Cleaning

Oriental rugs are a classic design choice with an elegant style that goes well with almost any decor. Oriental rugs often become family heirlooms and can last a lifetime with proper care. This type of rug is also known for its delicate fibers and fringe that can tangle and unravel. Both machine woven and handmade Oriental rugs should always be cleaned professionally to avoid damage.

Flat Weave Rug Cleaning

Flat Weave Rug Cleaning

Flat weave rugs can be made from many different materials and they’re popular with allergy sufferers because the material doesn’t trap allergens like a high pile rug. The flat texture makes it easier to clean up spills and it helps prevent debris from getting trapped in the fibers. Depending on the material and dye, professional rug cleaning may be necessary to avoid damage.

Jute & Sisal Rug Cleaning

Jute & Sisal Rug Cleaning

Plant-based Jute and sisal rugs are made of natural fibers, but they are tougher and more durable than wool and cotton.

Jute and sisal is more coarse on your feet, But it can be a good choice if you have a wool allergy. Unlike wool, jute and sisal rugs tend to absorb moisture quickly and can stain easily.


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Natural Fiber Rug Cleaning

Natural Fiber Rug Cleaning

Natural fibers like cotton and wool are commonly used in handmade rugs because they’re more durable and softer than synthetic materials. Natural fibers may be flat woven, hand-tufted, or hand-knotted, but they all tend to last longer than synthetic fabrics.
Wool is the most popular material for rugs in Carson City because it can be dyed easily and it holds up very well to foot traffic.
Wool naturally repels water, but it will eventually absorb spills and other moisture. Wool rugs should be professionally cleaned every 1-2 years, especially if they develop stains.
Synthetic Rug Cleaning

Synthetic Rug Cleaning

Synthetic rugs are machine-made and available in a huge array of styles and colors. There are three common materials used for synthetic rugs:
Nylon: Nylon rugs hold up well to heavy traffic but the material is usually acid dyed, which means nylon rugs tend to fade.
Olefin: This man-made material is soft like wool but very moisture and stain-resistant. Still, it tends to show dirt easily
Polyester: Polyester is resistant to fading and wear and tear, but it is not resistant to oil. The most common problem with polyester rugs is oil stains, which can be difficult to treat.
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We don’t use the same approach for every rug as the cleaning treatment will depend on the rug material, the condition of the rug, the type of stains present, and your preferences. Here’s a general overview of the approach we take to professional rug cleaning.

After dropping off your rug or scheduling pick up, we begin by breaking up and removing dry dirt, pet hair, and debris that gets embedded in the rug from normal wear. This process is more in-depth than anything that could be accomplished in your home. With a “duster,” we remove deeply lodged dirt that can cause damage to delicate rug fibers.
With Oriental rugs, an extra cleaning process is used to chemically break down materials in the fibers that can cause damage over time.
The next step is usually a deep steam cleaning to thoroughly clean every fiber of the rug, including deep-set stains. Steam cleaning is effective at treating a wide range of stains and restoring much of the color and lift of an area rug.
Deeply Lodged Dirt
Delicate Cleaning
Depending on the number and type of stains, special hand treatments may be required. We also use more delicate cleaning solutions with rugs that require special care, including Oriental rugs and natural fiber rugs. With Oriental rugs, we always clean the fringes by hand with a special treatment and hand-combing to restore their appearance and correct any tangles or unraveling.
The last step is removing any moisture from the cleaning process with hot circulated air rather than drip-drying. This helps restore the soft texture and pile to your rug. Every rug receives a final inspection before it’s ready for pick-up or delivery.
If you wish, stain protectors can be applied to your rug once it’s clean to help it
retain its appearance for a longer period of time. We can also special treat your rug to remove unpleasant cigarette and pet odors.


Have questions about having your rug cleaned? Here are answers to some of the most common questions we are asked by customers.

Q:How Often Should My Rug Be Cleaned?

A: The fibers of your rugs easily absorb liquids, soil, and pet stains. Once this grime is ground into the material, they may not come out. Vacuuming your area rugs regularly can help reduce the problem, but a vacuum is not powerful enough to remove all of the debris that gets trapped in the fibers of your rugs. A thorough cleaning is necessary to remove deeper stains and soil before the damage becomes permanent.

Even if your rug doesn’t look dirty, it will still slowly dull and the fringe will start to show wear. We recommend professional rug cleaning every 12 to 18 months to maintain the appearance of your rugs.

Q: Can You Get Stains Out?

A: Accidents happen, especially when you have pets. If not treated immediately and sometimes professionally, pet accidents like urine, feces, and vomit can leave lingering odors as well as stains. Even if you successfully lift the stain, you may notice an unpleasant aroma around your rug.

Professional rug cleaning service is the most trusted and reliable method for removing pet odors. We offer nontoxic deodorization of your rug to remove not only pet odors but cigarette smoke and other aromas.

Q: Can You Remove Pet Odors From My Rug?

A: Accidents happen, especially when you have pets. If not treated immediately and sometimes professionally, pet accidents like urine, feces, and vomit can leave lingering odors as well as stains. Even if you successfully lift the stain, you may notice an unpleasant aroma around your rug.

Professional rug cleaning service is the most trusted and reliable method for removing pet odors. We offer nontoxic deodorization of your rug to remove not only pet odors but cigarette smoke and other aromas.

Q: Is My Rug Worth Cleaning?

A: There are a few ways to tell if you have a high-quality rug:

  • You can see the same design on the front as the back. This means the rug is woven, either on a machine or by hand. Woven rugs last much longer than tufted rugs. You can tell your rug is tufted if you see a burlap or canvas material on the back. These rugs are usually made in China or India with poor quality latex and glue.
  • Your rug is made with silk. Beware of Oriental rugs labeled with man-made, artificial, or art silk. This isn’t actually silk from a silkworm but machine-made viscose, a type of rayon that is weak, sheds, and does not hold color well.
  • Your rug is symmetrical. There are three types of symmetry that show the skill of a weaver: symmetry in size; symmetry in image; and symmetry in knot construction, which makes the rug feel smooth.

Of course, any rug can be worth cleaning if it’s in fairly good condition and you want to improve its appearance and longevity. We can help you answer this question by inspecting your rug and determining the best course of action.

Q: How Should I Care for My Oriental Rug?

A: Oriental rugs require special maintenance to preserve their beauty and integrity. Do your best to prevent premature fading by keeping the rug out of direct sunlight. Rotate the rug every month or so for more even wear. If the fringe becomes tangled or twisted, flip the rug rather than trying to comb out the tangles. You can do this by holding one end of the rug and walking it to the other end while gently shaking the rug. We always encourage our Reno and Carson City clients to turn off the beater bar on their vacuum before vacuuming a delicate rug.

If anything is spilled on your rug, immediately dab away the stain with a dry cloth. Use only water to rinse the stain, never common cleaning products that can damage the fibers or cause the dye to run. If water can’t remove the stain, professional Oriental rug cleaning may be necessary.



We don’t just clean area rugs; we sanitize, deodorize, and remove stains from all types of area rugs in Carson City and Reno, NV using nontoxic, safe cleaning solutions. If your area rugs are showing signs of wear and tear or you need professional spot cleaning, contact us today for a free estimate and to schedule a drop off or delivery.

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