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Carson City, NV

When you are searching for carpet cleaning experts in the Carson City area, Carpet Cleaning NV are just the professionals you need. From pet stains to spot cleaning and from rugs to upholstery, Carpet Cleaning NV has you covered. There is no reason to let foot traffic, spills, or pets get you down. Dull and dirty carpets are a thing of the past with our experts.
Your carpets and other upholstery take a beating every day, but we can bring your dingy, stinky carpets back to life in no time. And, carpets are only the beginning. From grout to windows to cars, we are ready to put the gleam on all of your home, vehicular, and or business surfaces.
Carpet Cleaning NV

So, where do you guys service?

Although our main office is located in Carson City, Nevada, our coverage area extends to the following cities and beyond.
Carson City

Carson City

Located in the Carson Range portion of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Carson city is not only the capital city of Nevada, but is also one of the border cities for California. Carson City is known for its authentic Wild West history as well as being a gambling town and home to many ski resorts near Lake Tahoe.



Named the “biggest little city in the world,” Reno is most known for its casinos and tourism industry. This is also the home to the gaming corporation, Harrah’s Entertainment. Also located near Lake Tahoe, do not let another day pass you by without visiting the colorful granite cliffs and towering trees of Emerald Bay State Park.

Las Vegas

There are hundreds of things to do in Las Vegas that do not include partying or gambling. Hiking the Grand Canyon and visiting the tallest observation tower in the United States are just a start. Do not let the heat of the desert deter you from enjoying Las Vegas First Friday events where local artists and artisans gather every month to share their work, including visual and performing arts, live musicians, and delectable eats.

Henderson is so much more than “a fifteen minute drive to the Vegas strip.” Henderson is most definitely a place to call home and its residents are proud of its small town feel with all of the big city amenities.

Mound House

Although Mound House is a small unincorporated community, it was once a stop along The Pony Express. Today Mound House is home to some industrialized businesses as well as some mining and small commercial enterprises.

Sparks Nevada


If you want to truly enjoy the outdoors, spend some time on the water at Sparks Marina Park. Sit on a sandy beach overlooking the water with a beautiful mountainous panorama or take a boat or kayak onto the lake for a spin.

Our team of experts has decades of experience meeting the carpet and upholstery cleaning needs of the Carson City and surrounding areas. Give us a call today to talk to the friendliest team in the business and find out how we can serve you.