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Carpeting is great for adding warmth to a room, absorbing sound, and increasing comfort on bare feet. Unfortunately, carpet can also become a magnet for food crumbs, dead skin, dirt, bacteria, dust mites, and other allergens. Even regular vacuuming is not enough to remove all of these contaminants that get embedded deep in the carpet fibers.
Our professional carpet cleaning services in Carson City and Reno are designed to not only improve the appearance of your carpet but extend its lifespan and remove allergens and unpleasant odors. As one of the leading local carpet cleaning services in Carson City, we use state-of-the-art steam extraction and nontoxic cleaning solutions for the most thorough cleaning possible for your carpets.


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We serve homeowners, businesses, and tenants throughout Carson City and Reno with experienced whole-room carpet cleaning, spot removal, and deodorization. If your carpet has seen better days or you want to prevent premature wear from ground-in debris, contact us today to learn more about the cleaning service right for your needs. !

Dry Cleaning

Dry Clean Carpet Services

In addition to steam cleaning, we offer dry carpet cleaning which does not involve the use of water or very low moisture. This solution involves applying foam dry cleaning compounds to the carpet that are agitated to spread them evenly throughout the carpet fibers.
When the dry cleaning chemicals come in contact with soil, they encapsulate the dirt. The soil is then brought to the surface where it crystallizes before it’s vacuumed away once it dries.

Carpet Deodorization & Sanitation

Carpet Deodorization & Sanitation

Carpets can function as giant filters, absorbing and trapping allergens and germs in the air as well as dirt and grime. Professional carpet cleaning can help remove most of the household allergens and bacteria in your carpets for safer and better-smelling carpets.
We also use Special Deodorizers that eliminate the organic cause of odors in your carpet, whether it is pet urine, vomit, or spilled milk.

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Steam Extraction Carpet Cleaning

Steam Extraction Carpet Cleaning

Steam carpet cleaning is recommended if you have heavily soiled carpet or heavy foot traffic. It also produces the best results if you have pet stains, odors, or spills. Most carpet manufacturers also recommend this form of professional carpet cleaning each year to maintain your warranty.

This type of carpet cleaning in Reno uses extremely hot water and cleaning solutions to extract dirt, stains, and allergens from deep within the carpet. We begin with a machine that sprays special detergent onto the carpet. Very hot water activates the detergent on the fibers. We use acidic detergents for natural fiber carpets like wool and alkaline solutions for synthetic materials. Next, a vacuum is used to extract the water from the carpet.

If you have health concerns such as asthma or allergies, we can use nontoxic and hypoallergenic cleaning solutions. Regardless, this process removes the cleaning solution from the carpet with very little if any residue left behind.

Stainn Resistant Treatment For Carpet

Stain Resistant Treatment For Carpet

Even if your carpet was originally treated with a factory-applied stain resistant product, stain repellants become less effective over time as they wear away. This leaves your carpet vulnerable to stains. We offer several types of stain resistant treatments to safeguard your carpet and reduce the risk of stains.

Teflon and Scotchguard are both popular treatments that cause liquid to bead on the surface of the carpet fibers. This allows you to soak up the liquid before it sinks into the carpet. StainMaster treatments work by neutralizing the electric charge of the carpet to keep it from attracting dyes in common drinks and foods.

In general, stain resistant treatments last for several years, but you can have the treatment applied whenever you like.

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Carpet Cleaning for Landlords

Carpet Cleaning for Landlords

In many cases, Nevada landlords cannot charge a tenant for carpet cleaning, but this is an important step to prepare a rental unit for the next tenant.
We offer cost-effective carpet cleaning between residencies to help you get your units ready for new tenants and extend the life of your investment.

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We use a precise method for getting your carpets as clean as possible with options for deodorization to treat organic odors and stain protection to reduce staining in the future.

    We begin by vacuuming your carpet to remove any loose soil.
  • Pre-treatment:
    Your entire carpet will be pre-treated before we begin. This process removes many common types of stains, although yellow, blue, and red stains may need an additional treatment.
  • Application of cleaning solution:
    This may be a dry chemical or a cleaning solution applied with hot water, depending on the type of carpet cleaning you choose.
  • Agitation:
    We brush the cleaning solution into your carpet to agitate the carpet fibers and distribute the chemicals
  • Extraction:
    The cleaning solution will be extracted from your carpet using very hot water and a neutralizing rinse. This removes the dirt from your carpet as well as the residue left by the agitation
  • Stain protection:
    If you wish, we can apply a stain protection to your carpet that will last for several years.


Have questions about having your carpet cleaned? Here are answers to some of the most common questions we are asked by customers.

Q:How Often Should I Get My Carpet Cleaned?

A: How often you should have your carpet cleaned depends on many factors, including whether the carpet is in a high use area like the living room, the number of people in the home, whether there are pets, how well the carpet is maintained, and the type of carpet. In general, professional carpet cleaning is recommended every 12-18 months, but more frequent cleaning may be advised.

Q: Will Having My Carpet Cleaned Make it Get Dirty Faster?

A: This is one of the most common myths about professional carpet cleaning and it’s false. In the past, this could be true when carpets were actually shampooed and chemicals were left in the carpet. The chemical residue left in the carpet fibers attracted dirt at the surface. Today, professional carpet cleaners use modern machines that remove all residue from the carpet that previously led to resoiling.

Q:Will Carpet Cleaning Remove All Stains?

A: We cannot guarantee that all stains will be removed because some materials permanently stain carpet fiber. We are equipped with spot stain treatments for all types of stains. Your technician will do their best to determine if a stain is likely to be lifted and recommend the best course of treatment. In many cases, your technician can recognize which stains will reappear within a few days of cleaning and let you know about this possibility.

Q: Can Odors Be Removed?

A: Odors can be a big problem with carpet, especially if you have pets. We use a deodorizer that uses a natural bacterial enzyme to digest the sources of organic odor in your carpet, including blood, milk, feces, vomit, and urine. This deodorization treatment will remove the organic odors for an immediate difference. Keep in mind deodorization will not be completely effective if the source of the odor penetrated the backing of the carpet or the padding as the treatment may not be able to penetrate this far.

Q:How Long Will it Take to Clean My Carpets?

A: On average, it takes 10-30 minutes to clean each room. This estimate can vary based on how soiled the carpet is, whether any spot removal treatments are necessary and whether you choose to have stain repellent treatment applied.

Q:What Should I Do Before Having My Carpet Cleaned?

A: There are a few steps you can take to get your carpet ready for professional steam cleaning. We recommend vacuuming the carpet thoroughly before our arrival. Remove small or fragile items from the room, including table lamps and framed pictures. We will not remove very heavy, fragile, or costly furniture or belongings such as beds, electronics, and entertainment centers. If you wish for the carpet under these items to be cleaned, please arrange to have them moved before we arrive.

We also recommend waiting at least 2 days after freshly painting any walls in your room before having carpet steam cleaned.


Q: How Long Does it Take Carpet to Dry?

A: How long it will take before you can walk on your carpet will depend on whether you choose steam cleaning or dry carpet cleaning. If you choose dry cleaning, your carpet will be completely dry and ready to be walked on within 30 minutes to 2 hours. If you choose to have a stain protectant applied, it will be done without the use of additional moisture.

If you have ever rented a steam cleaner and cleaned your carpets yourself, you probably remember a very long dry time. Professional steam cleaning of your carpets dries much faster, however, because we use a powerful vacuum that extracts much more water than a rented carpet cleaner. Unlike the 2 days it can take for the carpet to dry after do-it-yourself cleaning, professional cleaning has a dry time of 4-24 hours. The dry time can be affected by air flow, temperature, and humidity, however.



Sierra Carpet Care is proud to claim the title of the top rated and trusted carpet cleaning company in Carson City, NV. We don’t just clean carpets, we go above and beyond to make sure every client is happy and satisfied with our work. No matter how big or small the job, there’s never a job we cant handle.

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