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Carpet is soft, warm, and beautiful — but it can also act like a filter, absorbing allergens, spills, and odors and trapping them in the carpet fibers. If you’re concerned about keeping your carpet looking its best, or your carpet is starting to show its age, we offer a range of effective carpet cleaning services to restore your carpet to its former glory.
Our local carpet cleaning services are an affordable and safe way to extend the life of your carpet and leave your home looking and feeling fresh and clean.


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Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning in Reno

Encapsulation or foam carpet cleaning is an effective way to make your carpets brighter and cleaner without a long dry time. Encapsulation uses a detergent chemical that crystallizes into a powder when it comes into contact with dirt, oil, and debris in your carpet. The particles in your carpet are encapsulated so they can be vacuumed out of the carpet fibers.

Carpet encapsulation cleaning is fast and affordable and involves only a small amount of moisture so your carpet can dry faster than it would with steam cleaning.

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Dry Cleaning Carpet Cleaning

One of the most popular carpet cleaning services is dry cleaning, also called bonnet cleaning or absorbent pad cleaning. This type of cleaning is not completely dry as some water will be used but it’s very minimal compared to hot water extraction. A liquid solution will be sprayed onto the carpet to attract dirt, oil, and allergens. The cleaning solution breaks down deposits in the carpet fibers before a buffing machine moves across the surface to soak up the cleaning solution and deposits.

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Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning Services

This type of carpet cleaning goes by many names including steam cleaning and wet cleaning. Our hot water extraction carpet cleaning in Reno, NV involves pre-conditioning your carpet with a special chemical that breaks down soil and oil-based compounds in the carpet fibers. Super-heated water is pressurized and injected into the carpet before it’s extracted with a vacuum.
Our steam carpet cleaning services are very effective at removing deep-set soil from your carpet and it can be combined with agitation for the most effective results. Steam cleaning is recommended by many carpet manufacturers as well. There are drawbacks to this method. It has a longer dry time than dry cleaning and it can be more expensive.
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We Clean All Types of Carpet

As one of the leading carpet cleaning companies in Reno, NV, we have the experience and technology necessary to clean all types of carpet materials and styles without damage. The right cleaning method will sometimes depend on the type of carpet you have. For example, berber style carpeting is difficult to clean with hot water extraction due to its tight fiber pattern. Olefin carpet can also be challenging to clean with this method because olefin, a synthetic fiber, resists water. These types of carpeting can respond better to dry cleaning methods.

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Upholstery Dry Cleaning

Our carpet cleaning services are customized to the style and type of carpet you have:

  • Olefin which looks and feels like wool but resists moisture, pilling, static, and stains
  • Polyester which is non-allergenic and easy to clean
  • Acrylic which is a synthetic material that offers a close match to wool
  • Nylon which is the most popular carpet material and performs well in high-traffic areas
  • Plush or cut pile carpet in which the loops are cut
  • Loop pile with uncut fiber loops
  • Patterned loops with uncut loops at different heights
  • Cut and loop with a mix of cut and loop fibers
  • Twist or Frieze with longer yarns that are twisted
  • Shag with even longer yarns
  • Berber with small, tight loops


Have questions about having your furniture cleaned? Here are answers to some of the most common questions we are asked by customers.

Q:How much is carpet cleaning service?

A: The cost of our carpet cleaning services depends on a few factors such as the area of carpet that will be treated and the type of carpet cleaning you choose. Dry methods like dry cleaning and encapsulation are usually more affordable than steam cleaning, although all forms of carpet cleaning are a cost-effective way to extend the life of your carpet, enhance its appearance, and remove allergens. Please give us a call for a free estimate!

Q:How do I choose a carpet cleaning service?

A: Choosing the right carpet cleaning services is a big decision. While you certainly don’t want to pay more than you need to, keep in mind that the cheapest company isn’t always the best. Sometimes carpet cleaning companies offer the lowest price just to get their foot in the door so they can upsell you on more expensive services. They may simply not have modern equipment or properly trained staff to deliver great results. You made a big investment in your carpet and you want it to last as long as possible but inexperienced or incorrect cleaning can actually shorten its lifespan.
When choosing the right carpet cleaning company, make sure you know what’s included in the quoted price. Find out if it costs extra to clean stairs, whether high-traffic areas receive extra treatment, whether furniture will be removed, and whether the cleaners will spot treat stubborn spotss or pet stains.
Investigate the company itself as well. Because you are letting strangers into your home, make sure you choose a company that screens its employees with criminal background checks. To be safe, only work with licensed professionals. A good carpet cleaning company will also offer some type of warranty or gaurantee on their services which means you will have options if stains return or other issues come up.
You will also need to know which type of carpet cleaning in Reno, NV will be best for your carpet and family before contacting local carpet cleaning services. Ask yourself the following questions to choose between encapsulation, dry cleaning, and hot water extraction:
Do you want a chemical-free solution or the use of chemicals?
Do you want your carpet to be dry within hours or can you tolerate a longer dry time for a deeper cleaning? Consider how difficult it will be to keep foot traffic off the carpet for an extended amount of time.
What types of stains or issues affect your carpet? Consider whether you have wine stains, heavy traffic stains, pet stains, or other issues affecting your carpet. This will determine which cleaning cleaning services are most effective.

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