How to Know When Your Air Ducts Need Cleaning

How To Know When Your Air Ducts Need Cleaning

Professional air duct cleaning may be one of the most overlooked cleaning services that can drastically benefit homeowners. It can improve your home’s air quality, lower utility bills, and reduce allergies.

But how do you know when your air ducts need to be cleaned?

That’s what we’re here to answer! In the article below, we’ll discuss what signs to look out for that mean your air ducts need cleaning. Continue reading to learn more!

Your Home is Dusty, No Matter How Much You Clean

When you spot dust throughout your home, such as on ceiling fan blades, furniture, and countertops, and you’ve been cleaning regularly, this can be a sign that your air ducts are dirty.

As dirt, debris, and dust build up in your air ducts, they get distributed through your home and land on all the surfaces throughout. It’ll seem like your home is getting dirty right after you’ve finished cleaning for no reason! When you feel like your dusting and cleaning to no avail, you should consider having your air ducts cleaned.

If You Notice an Increase in Allergies or Sickness in Your Home

Not everyone is as susceptible to allergies as others, but if you notice more and more experiences with allergies and sickness among your family, the air ducts may be to blame. Dirt and debris aren’t the only things hiding in your air ducts.

Dust, dander, germs, bacteria, and other allergens will buildup in your air ducts and spread across your house. This will lead to more allergies and sickness in your home and be proof that you should have your air ducts cleaned by a professional.

Your Utility Bill Continues to Climb for No Apparent Reason

Dirty air ducts are proven to make HVAC systems work harder to heat or cool your home. The buildup of dirt and debris forces the air to get hung up in your air ducts and not move freely throughout your home. As a result, your HVAC system will use more electricity or gas to move the heated or cooled air throughout your house.

Professional air duct cleaning will remove this buildup and allow the air in your ducts to move freely and better heat or cool your home. This means you can enjoy more comfortable temperatures and a lower utility bill!

Your Home was just Built or Underwent a Major Remodel

Construction of any kind is a messy experience. From sawdust to dirt to scraps of trash, all will wind up all over the place. This includes your air ducts. Sometimes it’s unavoidable that construction trash will end up in your air ducts and cause them to function less efficiently.

Any time you build a new home or have a major remodel done on your house, you should consider finishing that project with a professional air duct cleaning to ensure that any construction-related debris is flushed out of your ducts. This will prevent your new or newly-remodeled home from becoming unnecessarily dirty or lowering the efficiency of your HVAC system, as we mentioned above.

Finishing Up

Don’t overlook your air ducts! Make sure that if you experience any of these scenarios, as mentioned earlier, you consider having your air ducts cleaned. You’ll be enjoying a cleaner, healthier home with lower utility bills in no time!